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Learning Resource Centre


A park is a quiet sanctuary in a busy city. In the same way a library is a sanctuary and haven in our busy lives. Today’s bustling society is based in part on an instant culture, reinforced in our young people by applications such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter; the google generation, where obtaining immediate information is the goal. Whilst I agree this has a place in society, we have an obligation to educate our young people into the value and pleasure of taking reflective time. An opportunity to recharge, slow down and find pleasure in a quiet time with ones thoughts, imagination, personal and educational development.

A high school library should be a hub of pupils’ development. I am proud to say this is the ethos we hold at Moorside. How unwelcoming and intimidating is a vacuous open space, Should you enter? Do you want to enter? Gone is the idea of “sssssh”, we embrace discussion and debate. Sharing our love of reading and enthusing others with our passion. Every pupil is welcomed, valued and treated as an individual. Pupils discuss homework and find the best ways to obtain information and research to ensure the work they produce takes their learning to the next level. Not just repeating facts they have heard, but understanding the processes the logic behind all subjects and having the curiosity and desire to investigate these topics further.

Every afternoon 3 till 4 there is a thriving homework culture with sessions regularly attended by over twenty pupils.   Pupils not only complete homework but are encouraged to push their boundary’s to produce the best work they can. They are taught the skills of time management, effective planning, forward thinking, independent learning and research skills. I am available to provide guidance and motivation, however, it is wonderful to see pupils assisting and encouraging each other. 

I hope to see your child soon – it’s their resource, it’s their library. 

Miss W Smith

LRC Manager - The Pupils’ Library

Click here to see the LRC opening hours.

Word of the Week


Adjective: Adventurous

Willing to take risks and try out new       methods, ideas, or experiences

“they wanted more adventurous activities”

Enjoying exciting new situations and challenges.

“an adventurous traveler”

Involving new ideas or methods.

“my life couldn’t be more adventurous”

“an adventurous new production of the play”        


daring, daredevil, intrepid, venturesome, bold, audacious, fearless, brave, unafraid, unshrinking, undaunted,         dauntless, valiant, valorous, heroic, dashing, more confident, enterprising; rash, reckless, heedless;
Informal, gutsy, peppy, pushy;
Rare, adventuresome, venturous "as a child he was always adventurous"


cautious, unadventurous

Enjoy and thrive during your time at Moorside High School. Be brave and fearless, challenge yourself personally and educationally because together we: BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED. 

Salford Children's Book Awards

Moorside High is proud to be part of the annual Salford Children’s Book Awards, this its 15th year is no exception. Click here to find out more about the Salford Book Awards.

The shortlist is an exciting mix of fiction from recognised authors, all of whom are having a massive positive impact on promoting reading for pleasure amongst our young people.Click on the book cover above for more information. 


The reading group is open to all year 7, 8 and 9 pupils. Having read all the books and attending the weekly reading group the pupils then vote for their personal favourite. The event culminates with the participating pupils attending a prestigious award ceremony at The Lowry Theatre. Here they have the opportunity to meet the various authors, ask questions, obtain autographs and the “what almost seems compulsory, selfie” session.

If your child would like to take part, please ask them to come along to the LRC any break time or after school. The first formal meeting will be on Thursday 5th Oct at 3pm in the LRC.

I look forward to seeing them there.

Miss W Smith,
Learning Resource Centre Manager 

Reading Lists

Below are some reading lists for specific year groups. Click on the book covers for more information.


Year 9

Year 10


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a program that has been introduced to enhance your child’s reading. All year 7 and 8 pupils have been scheduled to enter into the process which will assess their individual strengths and personalise a program to develop their skills, comprehension and ability further. The beauty of the system is that each pupil is guided along their personalised pathway dependant on their individual requirements. Click here to view the Accelerated Reader Parent's Guide.


News from Salford Libraries 

Digital Reading – You can now enjoy the best in reading anywhere, at any time, thanks to Salford Community Libraries.  You don’t even need to visit the library, to read our e-books, e-audio books and e-magazines.  To find out more, including a special 20th anniversary promotion on the  e-book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, visit the Libraries Online webpage.

2017 Carnegie and Greenaway Awards 

The winners of the 2017 Carnegie and Greenaway Awards have been announced.  The Carnegie       winner is the Young Adult title Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, while Lane Smith won the Greenaway for his picture book There is a Tribe of Kids.  The Amnesty CILIP Honour for exploring human rights went to The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon from the Carnegie shortlist, and The Journey by Francesca Sanna from the Greenaway list.  Click on the book titles to find out more about them. 


Lauren Child was announced earlier this month as the tenth Children’s Laureate – she will hold this post for two years, taking over from Chris Riddell.

National Poetry Day

Happy National Poetry Day - 5th Oct 2017 

Many events are taking place around the country to celebrate National Poetry Day. I have asked our staff for some of their favourites that we can share. It is intriguing to see that many were first discovered during childhood and have remained in our hearts and minds ever since. Here is a selection, can you guess which poems inspired which members of staff?

For more information click here to view the Poetry Society’s website